A sample of complaint letter on water bills

Department of Justice is now the Department of Communities and Justice. If you need more help, get legal advice. Azra and her partner have been experiencing financial difficulty for several months and can't afford to pay the bill. Azra contacts the energy company and negotiates a payment plan. I have been in financial hardship because of my changed circumstances. I am currently working on a casual basis and looking for a new job. If requested, I am happy to provide details of my current income and expenditure to demonstrate my financial circumstances.

Would you please also advise me of any concessions, vouchers and services that I may be eligible for, given that I am experiencing financial difficulty? If I have not received a response from you within 30 days, I intend to take my request for a hardship variation to the Energy and Water Ombudsman.

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a sample of complaint letter on water bills

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Who should pay? What type of fence? Where should the fence go?A disputed bill letter is written for errors about a bill, invoice or withdrawal to the creditor; it is the best way to protect your rights under the Consumer Forum. The usual time limits are days from the date of the bill. Despite the reason, all letters of this type need to have a few key pieces of information including the name of the account and current address.

The letter should be sent certified, and a return receipt must be requested, so there is proof that it was received by the person or company against whom the dispute is being lodged. If you receive a counterfeit invoice letter from a vendor or supplier for the purchase, immediately respond and clarify the same at the soonest.

Failing to address an invoice can result in late fees and can even impact your business credit score. Kindly rectify the errors, so that any finance and other charges related to the disputed amount can be credited to my account at the soonest, and that I receive an accurate statement. Enclosed are copies of [slips or payment records] supporting my position.

Please look into this matter and correct the billing error as soon as possible. I request for an amended statement to be mailed to me. Hoping for a positive response. I am writing to discuss an inaccurate item on my February credit card statement. I have enclosed a copy of the statement with this letter for your reference. I did not order anything from this company nor received any services from them. Kindly adjust my account balance and send a corrected statement when the change is made. My billing statement for the previous month shows a surplus charge of Rs.

I request you to look into the matter and come up with a positive response.

Water and sewerage: How to complain about bills

Kindly make the required cross check and credit the charged money for the same in my account. The corrected statement be mailed to me at the soonest. Thank you. Letters Privacy Policy Contact Us.

The tone of the letter should be strict but gentle Mention all the necessary details of the current case. Explain the reason for disputing it.

Attach copies of relevant documents to confirm your claim.

a sample of complaint letter on water bills

End the letter with your contact details. Disputed Bill Letter Template. Thank you for your patience and cooperation. Email Format. The following is the Email format to be followed for a disputed bill letter. To: name email.Take action. Our letter template will help you to force the company into action and get your money back. Simply click on the link below, download the word document to your home computer, amend it to suit your personal circumstances and print it off.

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How to write a formal letter to be Electricity Bill regarding excess charges in Electricity Bill ?

How hard will investors be hit by dividend cuts? Jaguar Land Rover providing vehicles to emergency services. High Street chains Oasis and Warehouse on brink of Now Stelios refers Easyjet to the City watchdog as rowYou can modify these sample as your requirement.

I could really reply to you earlier, but I have never been in good mood settle myself to sit and reply to your letter, actually I used to avoid giving reply in bad mood now you would definitely ask the reason behind my anger so dear the prevailing crisis of Shortage of water and Electricity has ruined the temperament of every citizen of Area name in the present hot and humid weather.

Write actual problems and situations. Everyone needs to rush towards the bathroom shower but the taps are producing air instead of water so my dear how one can be in a good mood. I hope you are doing great in health, I am good too. It is going to be the third month the whole society is facing this problem.

Water supply is almost to an end, we are using water containers for daily use. Some of the society members using water tankers. And the second major issue is of electricity, electricity is usually off in the daytime. The whole society is so much tensed due to these two issues because without these two we cannot do many of our daily routine things. We have submitted the application to the head of committee members and waiting for their responses.

May God help us and resolve this issue as soon as possible. Say hello to your mother and father and, Take care of yourself.

Department Name… Address… Sub: Letter about the Water and Electricity Crisis Dear NameI could really reply to you earlier, but I have never been in good mood settle myself to sit and reply to your letter, actually I used to avoid giving reply in bad mood now you would definitely ask the reason behind my anger so dear the prevailing crisis of Shortage of water and Electricity has ruined the temperament of every citizen of Area name in the present hot and humid weather.

Sample e-mail format of a Complaint letter on acute water shortage

Dear Sir, I hope you are doing great in health, I am good too. All Rights Reserved.How to write a complaint letter Many a times we write complaint letter when we face some inconvenience in carrying out our routine works. Due to different reasons, we face some difficulties which may stand as a hindrance to our daily life. In order to get rid of these teething problems we can write a complaint letter to related department or authorities. In the letter, we must try to describe our problems properly in the substance.

But it is necessary that the substance should not be too lengthy. The person making the complaint should try to explain everything in brief. Though a complaint letter is written to highlight a problem, one should not use offensive words and personal attacks on officials of the related department.

We should mention our problems politely yet strongly to make an impact. Below is my e-mail format of a complaint letter describing acute shortage of water in a locality which has made the daily life difficult of its dwellers. Subject: Acute water shortage in locality of Makarpura since January The Officer in Charge, Water work Department Assam Municipality Corporation Assam Dear Sir, It is to bring to your notice that our locality has been suffering the problem of acute water shortage for last 5 months.

Water supply has been extremely poor on day to day basis making our lives miserable. Quite often, water supply is so scanty that it is not sufficient for day to day use such as cooking, washing etc. Sometimes water is supplied for only for half an hour and sometimes we have to wait the whole day for water.

LETTER TEMPLATE: Complaining about your bills

But it is very poor dribble that we get from the tap. I therefore, on behalf of our locality request you to kindly look into the matter and take necessary steps to restore proper supply of water on regular basis. All the members of our locality will be grateful if you will take immediate action to solve this matter soon. Dear Sir, My name is Shubham Sahu. Gram Mandhar pin Raipur Chhattisgarh Our village is suffering from water, due to which the people are faced with a lot of sympathy and no action should be taken even to complain in the village panchayat of our village.

And the Sarpanch is not a good person here, so Sir is requesting you to join hands to do something soon for the problem of Panio in our village. Thank you. Being the most popular educational website in India, we believe in providing quality content to our readers.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding any content published here, feel free to contact us using the Contact link below. Login Register. Related Articles. Email sample complaint letter about wrong product shipped Complaint letter is written for all purposes such as delay delivery, wrong product shipped, missing products, etc. This letter is about compliant letter for shipping wrong product instead of said product. You can get good knowledge about complaint letter writing for those who have shipped you a wrong product.

How to request various firms for sponsoring for your college fest or symposium through email?We use cookies to improve your experience of our website.

You can find out more or opt-out from some cookies. You may have a complaint about your water bill, water supply or the standard of service you've received from your water company. Read this page to find out how to go about making a complaint to your water company and what you can do if you're not happy with their response.

There are various reasons you might want to complain to your water company. This could include complaints about:. Each water company has a complaints procedure which is usually in two stages. If you write to the company, you should receive a reply within ten working days. CCWater is an independent consumer organisation which deals with complaints about water companies.

You can contact CCWater by email or letter, attaching copies of any communication with the water company. You can also fill out an online form or telephone them. CCWater will look into the complaint and let you know the outcome. They may ask the water company to take action to sort out your complaint.

CCWater will be able to handle your query more quickly if you contact the local office with responsibility for overseeing the water company you're complaining about. An independent adjudicator will review the evidence from you and the water company, then make a decision about any redress or compensation that should be paid to you. You can submit a case online on the WATRS website and should use the guidance notes provided to help you complete the form.

If you accept the decision, the water company is legally bound to give you the compensation ordered by the adjudicated. In some cases, you may be able to complain to OFWAT, the water industry regulator, but only about certain things.

You should approach CCWater first as they will normally be able to deal with complaints more quickly. In certain cases, if the law has been broken and you are claiming damages from the water company, the claim will go through the courts. An independent arbitrator may also make a decision about a complaint.

An example of when this might happen is if a water company asks you to pay for a meter to be installed and there's a disagreement about the cost or where it should go. For enquiries about private drinking water supplies contact the Environmental Health department of your local authority. If you have an enquiry about the environment, contact the Environment Agency.

The Environment Agency is responsible for maintaining or improving the quality of fresh, marine, surface and underground water.These are external links and will open in a new window. Water and sewerage companies provide an essential service to millions of homes and businesses every day. This service is usually of a high standard, but sometimes companies can fail to get things right first time and this can leave customers disappointed or angry.

The latest statistics show that there werecomplaints to companies in England and Wales in Both domestic and business customers have the right to complain about their water or sewerage service and whatever the reason for dissatisfaction, the company should try to resolve it.

Customers we talk to have a wide range of complaints including disputes over bills, payment arrangements, water pressure, notice of supply interruptions and sewer flooding.

Customers of water and sewerage companies are entitled to minimum standards of service, as laid down by the government in the guaranteed standards scheme GSS. Most companies also have their own code of practice which goes beyond the requirement of GSS. Where a company fails to meet a standard then it is required to make a specified payment to the customer affected. You can contact the Consumer Council for Water at any time about a complaint and we will guide you through the company's process.

A good starting point is our customer support websitewhich has many frequently asked questions and information on how to find and contact your water company. Our evidence shows that we can usually help you to reach a resolution, without having to undertake a formal investigation. If you have a problem with your water company, you may wish to contact their customer call centre. Their contact details are on the back of your water bill and they should be able to resolve your complaint directly.

If, after this, you are still not satisfied, you should write to the company by post or by email. Companies are required to reply within 10 working days of receiving your written complaint and if they do not, you are entitled to an automatic credit on your account.

If you are dissatisfied with the company's first written reply you can ask them to review their decision. If a customer is dissatisfied with an answer, they can ask the Consumer Council for Water for help. We are independent from both the economic regulator, Ofwat, and the water and sewerage companies, and our services are free. We have knowledge of companies' policies and procedures and if their service has been poor, we may be able to get the company to reconsider their actions or decisions and, where appropriate, pay compensation.

The Consumer Council for Water has a duty to represent consumers' interests and customers can contact us at any time. We will always do our best to handle your complaint professionally, reply promptly and explain matters clearly, while keeping you informed about how your complaint is progressing. We will be honest here with you if we do not think you have grounds for a complaint.

If we do, we will fight hard on your behalf. We monitor our own standards of service and currently perform better than consumer representatives in other regulated industries.

Customers are likely to need support on a number of issues in the water industry in the near future. Metering levels are set to increase, especially in areas where water is more scarce, such as the south-east of England. More business customers will be able to choose their water supplier when the competition threshold in England is lowered to five megalitres from 50 megalitres.

a sample of complaint letter on water bills

You can submit your complaint via our website, by post, telephone or textphone. Information on how to do this can be found on our website.

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