Audi a6 tcu tune

When using launch control, the transmission enters a maximum acceleration mode designed to provide the fastest possible acceleration through a heightened application of torque, optimized shift points and shift strategies among other performance related enhancements. Under blistering, near wide-open throttle, the transmission enters a different state of performance with shift maps optimized for power delivery on vehicles with modified engine software. Finally under part-throttle daily-driving in both Drive and Sport mode, the transmission remains calm and smooth.

In each mode under high-torque and high-rpm situations, the shift points are increased progressively just below the transmissions new maximum shift point of 7, RPM. Gear dependent overshoot protection prevents the transmission from hitting the rev limiter prematurely.

Finally using launch control enables the maximum acceleration mode while in Sport. Under low-torque, low-rpm part-throttle situations, both drive mode and sport mode behave similar to stock. The shift points are raised to prevent the transmission from over aggressively seeking seventh gear prematurely in drive mode and to provide a more sporty feeling in sport mode.

The first to second gear short shift has been addressed and while rolling to a stop, the transmission will no longer prematurely downshift to first gear, resulting in a clunky transition. The kick-down switch, which is responsible for an automatic downshift in manual mode, is enabled by default but can be disabled at the time of install. Likewise, the auto upshift that occurs near the new 7, RPM redline can also be disabled if the end user chooses, allowing the engine to bounce off the limiter like a manual transmission.

The transmission does not lock out any manual downshifts so long as the shifting does not result in an engine RPM above the max shift point.

In all situations, paddle delay is greatly reduced allowing for more responsive shifts to take place. When properly dialed in, the user is left with incrementally higher launch points ideal for the street, track and sticky tires. Utilization of launch control results in the transmission entering the maximum acceleration mode.

During this mode, intervention between a shift is minimized, resulting in faster acceleration that keeps the driver planted to the back of his or her seat.

Launch control is activated on all models, including those without it from the factory. The conditions necessary to enable launch control have been tweaked to make activation easier and the delay typically present after lifting the brake and beginning of the physical launch has been greatly reduced.

Recommendation: When using launch control, excessive wheel spin will not improve acceleration and may cause undesirable behavior. This is accomplished by holding the traction control button for a length of time.

10-16 Audi S4 APR DL501 S Tronic TCU Upgrade

Temperature management is an important part of the DL transmission. In keeping the vehicle moving, airflow continues across the radiators, which in turn keeps coolant temps low and aids in removing heat from the factory DL oil coolers to restore full operation.

Various factory torque intervention limiters are raised to their maximum value to eliminate unintended torque intervention, across the rev range, during normal and spirited driving. However, important and critical limiters are kept in place or only slightly modified, such as those related to temperature protection, to prevent premature damage to the transmission in dangerous scenarios.

Vehicle speed was greatly affected as is evident by the noticeable deviation in acceleration at 40 MPH on the graph below. The APR TCU equipped vehicle continued to gain in speed over the stock setup thanks to higher shift points, quicker shifts, and less torque intervention as illustrated in the graphs.

Results will vary depending upon location, environmental conditions, vehicle, transmission, vehicle health, operating conditions, temperatures, fuel grade, tires, suspension setup, other variables and other modifications. Through increasing the max shift point, peak power grows further and results in an additional horsepower depending on model, stage and octane as illustrated below. Crank figures are estimated based on the measured wheel figures.

audi a6 tcu tune

Results may vary depending upon environmental conditions, vehicle, transmission, vehicle health, operating conditions, temperatures, fuel grade, dyno type, dyno setup, other variables and other modifications.

This completely eliminates the need to remove and open the TCU and can be uninstalled at any time! All too often others create a generic calibration that is forced across a wide range of different vehicles and transmission versions. Unfortunately this generic method of copy and paste tuning can result in some undesirable effects, such as slow up shifts and downshifts, torque interventions, stumbling, immobility and general incompatibility.We are committed to providing exceptional service to our customers and maintain normal business hours, 9ampm PST.

Disclaimer: This product is not compliant with the California Air Resource Board and not for use on public roads in California. Power ratings are subject to conditions and dynamometer model used. Any major changes in airflow components such as high flow cats or enlarged throttle body diameters may require custom tuning optimization which VF does not include or provide.

audi a6 tcu tune

Customer understands that modifying their car bares certain risks including engine failure and both parties understand and agree to hold VF Engineering harmless of liability from installation and use of this product. It is therefore NOT legal for use on public roads in the State of California or other states with similar laws. By installing this product on your vehicle you assume all responsibility and consequences. Supercharger Systems are considered special order, and not returnable without written consent by VF Engineering.

Components and sensors near the limit of their wear tolerance may need replacement. VF-Engineering is not responsible for trouble shooting, diagnostic costs or consequential cost.

Not legal for street use in State of California. Menu Cart. Land Rover Range Rover 5.

APR ECU Upgrade for the Audi 3.0 TFSI

Add To Cart. Reviews coming soon. Related Products. Contact VF Engineering Inc.Hello, Just wondering what is out there for performance upgrades?

TDI s : d, 05 jetta wagon, 84 jetta td. An intake won't add power but will make a bit of noise. TDI s : Audi Q7. Find More Posts by nayr. Assuming you don't delete the downpipe.

Deletes are an optional add on, the standard files are designed around stock emissions components. Originally Posted by Owain malonetuning. It's listed on the site Most people do keep them road legal. Owain, someone mentioned that they swapped out the TCM in their 3.

I know they offer them for the DSG cars. I loaded the stage 2 file on mine this morning. Yes I've heard of someone swapping the TCM to a pre-fixed unit and that worked, might be worth picking up one from a wrecked vehicle that hasn't had the update done.

Aisin units probably won't be cracked ever unfortunately, unless someone puts some brute force in there.

audi a6 tcu tune

Might be able to figure something out with factory tools as well, just been swamped over here. Lots of "might"s and "probably"s though, sure there will be a solution within a couple years if there's enough demand. Still under warranty. Are these tunes completely reversible if I needed to bring the car in for service? I thought I read the ECU tracks each flash? All times are GMT The time now is TDI Club Cards. TDIFest Gone, but not forgotten.

VAG-Com List. Unit Conversions. TDIClub Chat. Thank You.The moment we come across the name Audi A6 what runs through our mind and imagination is total comfort and pure luxury with uncompromised chips performance. The name was derived from the Germany automaker known as Audi that produces mid-size luxury executive cars which are available in both saloon or sedan and avant. The unique single frames grille and the icon touchesdefines the elegant design of the Audi A6 sedan, outside part is as fluid and progressive which is also reflected inside, the steering wheel is multifunctional and provides the centre of a handcraft well designed with graceful lines ,advanced operating system creates an elegant atmosphere.

So as to provide high performance chips a6 sedan has undergone many transformations technologically i. Audi A6 avant provides the best performance chips since it is a combination of a6 sedan and remarkable utility of avant, outside look is more versatile and sophisticated, to create a definitive statement of confidence the latest version of Quattro and a supercharged engine all work in concert. Interior part has similar characteristics with a6 sedan. With all these Audi a6 stands out to be your best choice of a car.

Make Select Make. Model Select Model. Add to Cart Compare. Quick view. Choose Options Compare. Out of stock Compare.The upgrades dramatically increase horsepower and torque, making for an exceptionally quicker and more exciting vehicle. Furthermore, for those looking for tuning with a limited powertrain warranty, APR Plus has you covered! Gains as high as HP and 86 FT-LBS of torque are available throughout the power band, making the vehicle exceptionally quicker in all scenarios.

To get even more power, you can add any of our other Stage 1 compatible products and still be covered under the APR Plus warranty! If you're not interested in the APR Plus limited powertrain warranty, and want even more power, check out our other Stages. Gains as high as HP and FT-LBS of torque are available throughout the power band, making the vehicle exceptionally quicker in all scenarios. Please note, transmission software is required to achieve power figures past the factory redline.

At least one pulley upgrade is required to run this software. An APR Supercharger Cooling System is highly recommended and may be required to meet the advertised power figures, especially when running both pulley upgrades.

Representing the ultimate upgrade for the 3. Finally, at these power levels, APR does not recommend use of the factory catalyst. The 3.


Unlike ECUs found in many other makes and models, when properly tuned, the ECU eliminates the need for custom tuning to maximize output, even when weather conditions change dramatically. The ECU is powerful, but extremely difficult to master.

Without mastery, the ECU must be simplified, removing what makes it so desirable. The result is an incomplete product that often requires end user adjustment to maximize output in limited scenarios. Power is maximized in nearly all scenarios, eliminating the need for end user adjustments. High performance operational modes are enabled and calibrated to deliver smooth daily driving, with a snappy and responsive throttle during moments of spirited driving.

Lastly advanced high-output protection routines are enabled, allowing the ECU to make constant adjustments to airflow and fuel to cool and protect the engine, all without the driver knowing otherwise. Ignition delay is reduced resulting in a more responsive pedal without altering overall throttle sensitivity.We brought the heat, and now there is a new king in town. Purchasing an IE tune grants you access to flashing your own tune, switching octanes, easy upgrades, true launch control, optional exhaust crackle, E40 ethanol, and world-record setting performance for your Audi 3.

This tool allows the user to easily perform flashes, octane switching, data logging, and return to stock anytime. Please only select Flash Credits if you currently have access to this tool. Click for More Info. IE offers a selection of "Stages" to match your installed hardware.

Each Stage offers maximized power to match your mods from stock to full-out double pulley throttle body. Continue reading below to check out the available stages and required hardware.

Contact us to purchase upgrade credits, there is no fee to upgrade tunes and you only pay the difference in tune cost. Developed in-house, IE engineers are equipped with industry-leading tuning technology to completely reverse engineer the factory mapping and safely modify it to maximize performance. Your new software tune is easily uploaded to your factory installed ECU engine control module without touching a wrench in your own driveway. Multiple tunes are available to match your stock or installed aftermarket hardware.

Perfect for customers looking for a big jump in power without adding any additional hardware. In a matter of minutes, the vehicle will be much more enjoyable to drive with a massive boost in performance. This faster supercharger speed allows more airflow and higher boost pressures. The result is a powerful engine with a significant increase in power and torque across the rev range. A heat exchanger upgrade is recommended at this stage, but not required. Ready to unleash serious power?

IE's Stage 2 Double Pulley ECU calibration is for owners running both the smaller supercharger charger pulley along with an additional larger crank pulley.

These two pulley's combined create the optimal supercharger ratio resulting in up to HP and TQ! Available in 91, 93,and octanes along with a specialty E40 pump plus E85 mixed blend. A heat exchanger is required for this modification. If you intend to use the E40 blend, a high-pressure fuel pump upgrade is also required. This is for all the marbles, designed to completely unleash the complete performance potential from your supercharger by removing the factory throttle body limitation.

This tune is included as a free update with Stage 2 Double Pulley files. You can load high octane files for race day and run regular pump octane on your daily commute and save at the pump.

The direct injection factory fuel system cannot safely support the amount of fuel needed for full E85 fuel, even with an HPFP upgrade, however, it can support a maximum blend of ethanol to E To run this fuel safely, it must be pre-mixed and verified before filling into an empty tank. Available for all Dual Pulley and above tunes. These mixtures also provide cooler exhaust gas temperature and thus are safer for the 3.

Higher octanes are intended for higher power output and do not guarantee factory catalytic converter safety. This offers neck-breaking launches with engine load and boost built from a stop. This provides a large advantage over similarly powered vehicles. Optional feature on B8. This new feature makes your S car sound like a true performance machine when you rev, decelerate, or let off the throttle for gear changes. This exhaust crackle is completely safe and entirely addicting.Audi owners may complain that the transmission is not shifting properly or is not very responsive when you press the gas pedal.

In extreme cases, your Audi may even go into limp mode and no longer change gears. If your Audi automatic transmission has been having problems changing gears or never seems to not know which gear it should be in, you should try to reset the transmission setting to factory defaults. Instead try the following procedure. If the method above does not work on your Audi, the only way to reset the transmission would be with a diagnostic scanner. Below you will find instructions on how to reset Audi transmission settings using various tools.

Once the Audi adaptation reset procedure has been completed, drive your Audi carefully for the next few miles. While carrying the reset will not cause any damage, do not expect it to cure all problems. You may still experience problems after the transmission has been reset to factory settings. It can sometimes resolve erratic shifting. This is a procedure that needs to be performed by your Audi dealer.

If the problem persists have a mechanic diagnose your Audi automatic transmission. It may be low in transmission fluid, have worn clutches or a faulty valve body.

Hello there. I'm also having a problem with my car is not shifting at all. My car is an audi a3 1. I had a problem of the clutch I bought new clutch and replaced by group gearbox center which they only aligned the clutch for me and I put the gearbox by myself in the car everything is done perfectly I even filled the perfect oil which there is 2 types of oil and measured 1. After everything the car is not taking any gears.

C5 Audi RS6 Tuning & Tiptronic Software

In my dashboard the beep is coming saying stabalisation program fault. Hi I have a 6 speed tiltronic. I had an issue where there is a foot symbol between the Park and the Reverse and when the light would flicker the car wouldn't start. When the light was solid it would start. I got told also the the tcm was a plug in play which was incorrect Since getting the new tcm installed the car thuds on take off and slips gear.

Also the tipronic doesn't work. I took it to the place I brought the tcm and told them the faults and they have now "coded it" Now the audi company I brought the new tcm off has told me that the new tcm I brought to fix my audi tiptronic won't show the gear numbers no more and D is acceptable for being tiptronic.

Also the car runs even worse in tiptronic. Since putting this new tcm in I have had more problems and feeling like I got ripped off. My Audi A4 B8 1. The problem is the light shows mechanical fault at the gear level in the panel display.

My car was no power at my start moving like in 3rd gear not 1st gear. What should I do to my TCM wherether change or repair it?

APR ECU/TCU Tune: 2016 C 7.5 Audi S6

My was from engine and turbocharger repairs. After repairs there was no reset done.

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