Best 6mm barrel life

A good rifle with a bad barrel will not shoot accurately. Conversely, a poor-quality rifle with a good barrel can shoot accurately. Yet for a data-driven guy who wants to make objective, informed decisions … choosing a barrel can be tough! Well, this is hard for me to say, but the best thing may be to look at what the top shooters are using to achieve the highest level of performance and copy them.

**6mm cartridges and corresponding barrel life**

Wow, that is hard for me to say! I invested hundreds of hours of work into to getting some objective, data-driven answers. While that study had several interesting findings, when choosing a barrel it largely comes down to an educated bet on the reputation of the company making it. This group of over competitors represent the best precision rifle shooters in the country, and this post will present all the details about what barrel they are using in long range rifle matches.

When it comes down to making an informed decision about what rifle barrel to go with, this data from a wide sample size of the very best shooters is extremely helpful.

View other What The Pros Use articles. The chart below shows the number of shooters that were using each brand of barrels represented. The various colors on the chart represent the league and rank of the shooters. For example, black indicates shooters who finished in the top 10 in the PRS, dark blue is those who finished in the PRS, and the lighter the blue, the further out they finished in PRS overall standings.

The green colors represents the top shooters in the NRL, where the darkest green is the top 10, medium green isand light green are 26th to 50th. The legend on the chart itemizes the league and ranks each color represents, but basically the darker the color, the higher up the shooters placed. This year they represented It may be surprising to hear, but some barrel manufacturers are still using World War era equipment to produce barrels.

Part of the reason for their success is that Bartlein uses some of the most advanced computer-aided manufacturing processes available. Here is what they have to say about it:. Our rifling machines are so accurate, we can carry the twist rate to the 4th decimal point example: Ft Collins, CO — - Ammoland. Barrel-length is an issue. An eighteen-inch barrel, maybe even a twenty-inch barrel, will likely be necessary to achieve reasonable ballistic efficiency. The 6. One issue with the 6.

This new cartridge represents a ballistic performance improvement improved range and penetration. No doubt. So does the 6. To convert existing M4s to 6. Even then, there will be inescapable start-up issues that cannot possibly be foreseen. There always are.

best 6mm barrel life

The point is that this tardy update to the M4 rifle, even if it were implemented right now, is already thirty years late. You should, of course, also decide what preparations you should make in advance if any. Defense Training International wants to make sure that their students fully understand the physical, legal, psychological, and societal consequences of their actions or in-actions. It is our duty to make you aware of certain unpleasant physical realities intrinsic to the Planet Earth.

best 6mm barrel life

Farnam is happy to be your counselor and advisor. Visit: www. The weapon weight along with ammo is a significant issue for grunts and scouts. As a combat vet with 5. The 6mm ARC will need wide spread use to prove its potential as an effective long range round meters. With heavier bullets, it brings a whole, new perspective for troops. A piece of this is better marksmanship training. The ballistics are on par with the venerable 6BR. Remington needed to step up on the enhanced barrel extension and bolt they had for the 30 Rem fiasco.

Maybe someone in the industry can revisit that. As an old-timer I appreciate all the advances in interior, exterior, and terminal ballistics that we are seeing, but I really wish that the industry would settle for just one or two new Wonder Rounds each week.

Despite all the hype, by the time we see any honest independent information about this round, someone else will have released yet another magic silver bullet that claims to punch one-hole groups at absurd distances while also being ideal for every other possible use of any rifle. So they had.Forums New posts Trending Search forums. Media New media New comments Search media. Feedback View Statistics.

Resources Latest reviews Search resources. Members Current visitors. Log in. Search Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. Search Advanced…. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. JC Steel Gunny Sergeant. Commercial Supporter.

Oct 12, 3, 37 Washington State. Hey guys, I am looking to build my wife a rifle. I would like it to be in some 6mm cartridge. But I am not sure what yet. What I am looking for here is some experience of different 6mm cartridges and the barrel life attached the them. For instance. What I am looking for is a 6mm that will get great barrel life but still be able to perform well out in the matches.

I am also looking to keep recoil down. Thanks again for the help. Much appreciated. Sep 3, 4 22 68 Ft. Pierce, Fl. My other barrel in 6xc quit shooting at around rds. I feel the recoil would be quite tolerable for most.

Easy to load for, start with Drop down. Just my opinion. Rob01 Super Mod Staff member. Jul 9, 11, 2, NC. I would double that. Something you might think about is having a practice rifle and a match rifle. I shoot my. That's how I can get the most out of them. If I didn't I would be going through a barrel a year in each. My rifles are all set up pretty similar so they feel the same going from one to another.For the last several years I asked the top shooters questions about their load, like what bullet, primer, brass, and powder they used, but this year I asked about the specific powder charge weight they were loading.

Thank you to all the shooters who completed the survey! So over the next few articles, I will walk through each of the popular cartridges those with at least 5 of the shooters surveyed using it one at at time, and dive into the details of what ammo load these shooters found to work best in their rifles. Having such a large sample size allows us to draw more meaningful conclusions on what loads and components seem to work well across multiple rifle configurations.

6mm Barrel life burnout?

It can also be tough to find good load data for a few of these newer cartridges, so I know this will help a lot of shooters. I think even the guys who completed the survey will be interested to see what their fellow competitors found that worked best in their rifles. Failure to follow safe loading practices could result in severe personal injury including death or gun damage to the user or bystanders. Technical data and information are based upon survey responses from other shooters under specific conditions and circumstances.

The author has not independently verified the accuracy of the data, and cannot be responsible for errors in published load data. The information is to be used at the sole discretion of the user and the user assumes all risk. None of the major ammunition factories have started offering 6mm Dasher ammo at this point, so reloading is the only way to go if you chamber a barrel in 6 Dasher.

On the chart above, the various colors represent where a shooter landed in terms of rank. For example, black indicates shooters who finished in the top 10 in the PRS, the darkest blue is people who finished in the PRS, and the lighter the blue, the further out they finished in overall standings.

The chart legend itemizes the league and ranks each color represents, but basically the darker the color, the higher up the shooters placed. Of the 46 shooters who specified the powder they were using for their 6 Dasher, 44 of those said they were using Hodgdon Varget!

How cool is that view?! That range seemed to produce the best results for the majority of these shooters. Of the guys that were loading in that very popular band Multiple shooters have said the reduced recoil and extreme consistency of the Dasher was the reason they switched over to. There was one shooter who said they were using Norma brass. That is a magnum primer, but from what I heard it produces some extremely low standard deviations SD in muzzle velocity, meaning the ammo is extremely consistent shot-to-shot.

Here is the 6 Dasher load from two truly world-class competitors who finish towards the very top of the leaderboard at virtually any match they attended. Clearly they have worked out a load that seems to work pretty well! Thanks again to all of these top-ranked shooters for taking the time to share this info with the rest of us!

Enjoy this kind of data? This is one of several posts based on a gear survey of the top-ranked precision rifle shooters. To be the first to know when the next set of results is posted sign-up to receive new posts via email. Why handicap yourself? This is obviously just my opinion but the only reason I switched from the 6. Thanks for sharing, Bry. Thanks for sharing your experience, Scott. There is definitely something to that.

Was wondering what is barrel life on 6 mm Dasher rouds? Using it mainly for PRS? I personally asked Austin Orgaine how long he runs his 6 Dasher barrels. He said he stops shooting them in matches at about 1, rounds.Forums New posts Search forums.

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300PRC v 300Win Mag with Hornady 250grn A-Tip (2845 yards)

JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter Greywolf18 Start date Apr 26, Greywolf18 Well-Known Member. Just thinking 6x47 Lapua vs vs AI in terms of barrel life. I'll be shooting the 87 gr VMax's. Just wondering what kind of barrel life I could get from these. Looking at the 6x47 Lapua it looks like it would be as well so just trying to figure out the lifespan of the barrel.

Kevin Thomas Well-Known Member. Hey Brian, Barrel life here is really up to you. Not trying to dodge here, but there's so many variables involved here that you're the one who ultimately has to make the call as to when a barrel is shot out. Certainly, going with a badly overbore extremely low expansion ratio cartridge will tend to aggrivate the problem, but that's not the only consideration involved. Accuracy has always been the deciding factor for me, and it's important to understand how a barrel "goes bad.

best 6mm barrel life

Most will continue to shoot outstanding groups. Those flyers will become more frequent, and stray further from the group over time. It's up to you to say when it just isn't worth the hassle for you. For a benchrester, that won't be long. For a Highpower shooter shooting unsupported and usually with iron sightsit may be a bit longer.

For a Silhouette shooter all shots fired offhand it may be a while longer before he even notices the slight degradation in accuracy that marks the end of a barrel. In short, they'll all have different answers, and that's fine. For a varmint shooter which is what I'm assuming you're doing? What you're shooting, even within the same cartridge, will also have a profound impact on this. Heavy bullets give better long range performance, but at a price; they're harder on barrels than lighter bullets are, all else being equal.

Still, if it's the long range perfortmance you're after, that's the price you'll pay to get it. Said it before, but we're right back to the no free lunch deal.This was a carefully kept secret as the cartridge had been developed, standardized and adopted by a notable unit within the Special Operations community. This occurred before the existence of the cartridge was made public. Our enemies in the War on Terror have learned that they can escape the effective range of the 5. To meet these challenges, a number of military units have employed 7.

However, we must not forget that the weight penalty of carrying these heavier guns and a combat load of ammo is a burden on our troops. Minimizing the weight they carry is always a focus of procurement specialists, which also makes logistics more economical and efficient.

For example, the 6. The 6. The same answer applies to other cartridges such as the. Plus, the velocity of the Creedmoors are faster, which means they have a shorter barrel life than the 6mm ARC.

You can expect the barrel life of the 6 ARC to last 5, rounds similar to a 7. How does the 6 ARC best the 6. Though the 6.

At close ranges, the 6. Invented in the s, the 5. It became the parent case for several cartridges, including 6mm PPC and the 6. With such non-standard wildcats, dimensions vary. And the. Why not the. Federal necked down a 6. However, the. To add, the 6 ARC is easier to see hits and misses at distance than the. What about the 6. In fact, the 6mm ARC is based on a 6. The 6 ARC is built on a necked-down Grendel case, but the shoulder of the case has been pulled back.

The 7. The BC for this bullet is. Since its introduction, the 6mm ARC has benefited from a lot of marketing and conversation. One of the first concerns was what guns were going to become available, but it quickly became obvious that Hornady had been collaborating with a long list of gun makers since it was SAAMI approved on January 20, Ruger selected a The best group was fired by Oller and measured.

However, there were a number of groups with flyers that opened some up to 1 and 1. Usually four rounds would be tight with a fifth flyer elsewhere on the target. Despite our previous experiences testing Hornady Match ammunition, the LabRadar measured an extreme spread ES of 63 fps and a standard deviation SD of High velocity cartridges pushing small caliber bullets can be barrel burners.

If you need it or even just want it, get it, shoot it, and enjoy it. Skipping the experience of owning and shooting, say, a 26 Nosler and settling for a 6. And buying the RAM only to pick up groceries wastes its potential. Rifle barrels are like truck tires. When they wear out, you replace them. And barrels cost less than new truck tires! And, if you shoot an AR platform, a Blaser R8, or Saueryou can swap out barrels on your own in seconds. The core rule to extend barrel life is to not shoot it fast and hot.

Read how heat eats barrels here. Let it cool between shots. Rodent control work is another shooting chore that can easily overheat barrels, especially with high velocity cartridges like Rem. I once shot in an alfalfa field where small ground squirrels stood like rows of cut cornstalks. The rancher was setting out bowls of anti-freeze to poison the little rats.

That was the kind of venue in which a varmint shooter could darn near melt a barrel. Given their mass, they are slower to overheat, but once that mass of steel is scorching, it takes longer to cool.

Just a matter of physics. Fluting is also supposed to increase cooling, and it might since it increases surface area. Heavy barrels are generally more accurate than light ones because they are stiffer, thus less susceptible to violent harmonics and whipping during firing.

The truck tire analogy is apt. All tools wear out. Buy the tools you need to do the job, then use them! Just as a point of interest, here is an addendum to the list of rifles with easily-changed barrels in addition to the aforementioned AR platform, the Blaser R8, and the Sauer Thanks for the list, cugeno.

I surely do appreciate their easy switch barrel systems, however.

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