Model 9601 radio instructions

Also See for Product developer manual - 78 pages. Page of 19 Go. Quick Links. Download this manual. Note: This document is designed to meet the requirements for documentation to be.

Table of Contents. Summary of Contents for Iridium Page 1 Note: This document is designed to meet the requirements for documentation to be shipped with a product for products shipped to the European Union and other countries. Operation is subject to the condition that this device does not cause harmful interference. Any changes or modifications, including the use of a non-standard antenna, not expressly approved by the party responsible for compliance could void the user' s authority to operate the equipment.

Page 5: Ce Compliance 3. Note that this ribbon cable connector is to be provided by the developer and is not supplied as part of the product.

model 9601 radio instructions

During manufacture four screws are inserted for shipping purposes. These screws need to be removed for mounting. Item Numbers in Figure 4 are described in Table 3. Dimensions in milli-meters, not to scale Notes for Figure 5: 1. Item 1 is a generic, developer provided PCB design and shown for illustrative purposes. This item is the same as Item 6 in Figure 4. Figure 6: SBD Transceiver mounted to a plate or surface.

The figures and tables below provide mechanical information design information for a mounting a to a plate or surface configuration Figure 7: Assembly Item Number Identification. Dimensions in milli-meters, not to scale 4. Page Interface Connectors Network available output 5. This connector provides the ability for both a cable connector as well as a stackable board to board connection.

Page Network Available Output DC Power Output A limited power output can be provided by the which could be used for driving an LED to provide a visible indication that the transceiver is on, or the output could be used in application logic to determine if the transceiver is on.

Page Radio Characteristics 7. The integrator of the is required to connect a power supply, antenna, and user interface to the Also See for Administering - pages User manual - 92 pages Using manual - 84 pages.

model 9601 radio instructions

Page of 90 Go. Page 43 - Entering data for administrative options Page 44 - About local administrative procedures Page 45 - Setting the Quick Links.

Installing and Maintaining Avaya. Table of Contents. Avaya Administration pages. Page 2 Published version of documentation unless such modifications, express written consent of Avaya can be a criminal, as well as a civil offense additions, or deletions were performed by Avaya. End User agrees to under the applicable law. Warning The handset receiver contains magnetic devices that can attract small metallic objects.

model 9601 radio instructions

Care should be taken to avoid personal injury. Intended audience. Page 6 Using the View administrative option Issue 5 August Release 6. Team Button Direct User can transfer an active call to the monitored deskphone Transfer by pressing the corresponding button instead of the Trans Page 12 Manager ured through the deskphone. Any change by a user overrides these parameters that are set through System Manager. Page Feature Introduced In The 6. The G offers all the features of the IP deskphone.

Avaya 9601 Installing And Maintaining

Page Features Introduced In The 6. This feature is available only for the touch-based deskphone models - G and G. Chapter 4: Maintaining the Describes maintenance actions like downloading deskphone, G, G, software from the Avaya support website and customizing G, and G IP system values. This release supports the following certified Page Preinstallation Checklist Preinstallation checklist Preinstallation checklist Before plugging in a, G, G, G, or G deskphone, verify that all the following requirements are met.

Failure to do so prevents the deskphones from working properly and can have a negative impact on the network. Print copies of this checklist for each server and deskphone.

Existing installations might also have many IP deskphones running H. For instructions on how to convert between H. Page 25 H. In an H. For information on setting or changing the SIG parameter, see Setting the signaling protocol identifier on page Page 28 Series IP Deskphones installation Table 2: Impact of additional devices on deskphone Power over Ethernet PoE class shows the effect of button module additions on the power class and indicates how to set the IEEE power switch on the back of the deskphone to accommodate different power needs.

Installation options for those devices are not shown in the illustrations that follow, but are available on the Avaya support website. Figure 1: Connection jacks on aG, or G deskphone This indicator lights up steady green when a link of any speed is established, blinks with any network activity, and turns off upon the loss of network connectivity.

Page 31 Assembling the deskphone Figure 2: Connection jacks on a G or G deskphone Note: The G deskphone does not have a module port to support a button module. Note: Issue 5 August Page of 9 Go. Quick Links. Download this manual. Users Manual. Table of Contents. If there are any problems, you may ask for help vie a-mail at support symek.

With this manual, the expression "FSK" is used. However, all parts of the manual are valid for the various options of FSK for baudrates from up to kBaud as well. Active lowpass filters in TX and RX.

The frequency of RXC corresponds to the transmit clock of the remote transmitter. Page 5: Gnd pin 2 Since aboutthe industry begun to produce amateur radio transceivers with the necessary inputs and outputs for Baud FSK. You have to make a simple cable with a 6 pin jack on the one side and the 5 pin DIN jack on the other. Both modulation types are alike, if there is not much noise present, you will find no difference.

Page 7: Jumpers For Selecting The Baudrate Changeing the baudrate requires tools for smd part soldering and experience in handling such miniature parts. We do not recommend to change the baudrate. Known problems A white noise spectrum contains components, which are recognised by the DCD circuit of the FSK as valid data signal. Comments to this Manuals Your Name:. Enter text from picture:.

Latest comments:. Print page 1 Print document 9 pages.Also See for Definity Quick reference - 2 pages Quick reference - 6 pages Operation manual - 92 pages. Page of 46 Go. Page 19 - Inserting a Spare Battery Pack into the Page 20 - Inserting a Spare Battery Pack into the Quick Links. Download this manual See also: Operating Manual. Table of Contents. Lucent Technologies Definity Quick Reference 6 pages.

Digital wireless system, wireless pocket phone pages. Changes and corrections to the information contained in this document may be incorporated into future reissues. Issue 3 October Your wireless telephone is a radio transmitter and receiver. When the battery is installed, the phone is on and it receives and also sends out radio frequency RF energy.

Chapter 2, "General Care" — Provides battery charger and general care instructions to ensure dependable and uninterruptible service. The Model is a pocket-size, portable telephone that offers you the following benefits: Full Business Feature Access Chapter 3 of this guide describes the Pocket Phone in detail and contains instructions on how to use the phone.

Table Page Battery Charger Overview Fully discharged battery in less than 1. All instructions and a diagram for this process are provided in Chapter 2, "General Care". Before using the phone for the first time, you must place the battery pack into the charger for approximately 1. Place the phone in the Battery charger. Ensure that the charger is plugged into a properly grounded three-prong wall outlet.

Ensure that the Phone indicator is yellow refer to Figure Remove the spare battery pack from the Spare Battery Pack cradle.

Inserting the Pocket Phone into the Charger 1. Slide the pocket phone into the pocket phone cradle. Remove the battery pack from the pocket phone by moving the latch on top of the phone forward until it releases the battery pack.

Kenmore 790.9601 Range User Manual

As shown on the next page in Figurethe Pocket Phone has a 3-line by character display, three soft keys for menu item interface, three hard keys for display control, and three hard keys for call management. Soft keys are buttons with preprogrammed labels and functions that can change dynamically as you perform functions and make selections.

Soft keys are intended to provide a user-friendly interface to additional functionality. The information presented focuses on feature identification and access.

A Pocket Phone must be administered before you can use it to access any switch service. Page Making Calls If you prefer, you can also answer a call by pressing the soft key flashing line appearance instead of the call button. Transferring Calls The Pocket Phone enables you to transfer a call from one extension to another.The 5-channel amplifier is rated at watts max with the A and B channels rated at 75 watts x 4 RMS and the subwoofer output rated at watts at 2 RMS.

Compared to similarly priced multichannel amplifiers, the variable crossover networks on the GM-D offer increased flexibility and give listeners more control. Block terminals for a cleaner installation and direct wire contact minimizing resistance. For extra flexibility, a variable LPF makes audio frequency more adjustable according to subwoofer characteristics and personal listening preferences. The GM-D also features a Bass Boost Remote for optimal bass level adjustment according to listening preferences and music characteristics.

Well, we won't hold it against you. In fact we'll even help you build onto your system. The GM-D's speaker level inputs allow simplify integration into existing aftermarket or factory installed OEM integrated entertainment systems so you can connect your OEM unit or any unit that doesn't have the typical RCA-type inputs without having to buy add-on adapters. So, the install goes faster, you save money, and you've got a Pioneer amp in your vehicle.

Variable Low Pass Filter For extra flexibility, a variable LPF makes audio frequency more adjustable according to subwoofer characteristics and personal listening preferences. General Number of Channels 5.

Automatic Signal Sensing and Turn-On. Owner's Manual. GM-D - What is in the Box.Also See for Administering - pages Installing and maintaining - 90 pages Using manual - 84 pages. Page of 92 Go. Page 46 - Excluding others from bridging onto your Page 47 - Independent alerting for each Bridged Ca Page 74 - Displaying your extension on outgoing ca Page 75 - Unparking a call Page 76 - Picking up a call to another extension Page 77 - Picking up a call from your pickup group Page 78 - Tracing a malicious call Page 79 - Making a priority call Page 80 - Setting mute alert Page 81 - Configuring simultaneous ringing for mul Page 86 Page 87 - Chapter About locking and logging in Quick Links.

Table of Contents. Avaya Administration pages. Page 2 Product provided by Avaya including the selection, arrangement and statement or content provided on these sites and does not necessarily design of the content is owned either by Avaya or its licensors and is endorse the products, services, or information described or offered protected by copyright and other intellectual property laws including the within them. Using options and settings Page 6 Answering an active call on a monitored extension Logging into your voice mail Page 7 Chapter About locking and logging in to and out of your telephone Logging in to your deskphone extension Page Overview The following section describes the display, keys, buttons, and the associated features that are available on the deskphone.

Figure 1: A deskphone The following table provides descriptions of buttons and features of the deskphones. Name Description Message waiting Page 11 History Press History to view the history of your outgoing, incoming, and missed calls. Avaya Menu Press Avaya Menu to configure options and settings, access the browser, log out, or view network information.

Volume Press Volume to adjust the volume of the handset, headset, speaker, and ringer. To take a call off speakerphone, lift the handset or press Headset. Headset Press Headset to use the headset if connected.

Note: Only HIS headset cords are compatible with your phone. Page Call History Icons Indicates that you have answered the call. Outgoing call Indicates that you have made the call. Presence icons The following icons indicate the presence status of a contact. Page Administrative Messages Introduction to the SIP Deskphone Icon Name Description Available Indicates that the contact is available, that is, the contact is registered or logged in, and the phone of the contact is in an idle state.

Phone in use Indicates that the contact is currently using the phone.

Lucent Technologies Definity 9601 User Manual

Page Telephone Stand Viewing network information Your system administrator might ask you to check certain phone or network settings to investigate problems.Information requested may include contact information (such as name, correspondence address and telephone number), and demographic information (such as zip or postal code or age).

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