Ninjago fanfic lloyd pain

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He just wanted to protect Nya. How did he manage to get caught up in this? In the beginning of their journeys of becoming ninja, it has always been Zane and Cole. They were the closest. They understood each other the most. They were always one. Cole guessed he always knew they were perfect for each other deep down, but love works in mysterious ways. This was something that could have been easily avoided if he had just kept himself in check, it was all his fault, and Cole knew that in its entirety.

Cole catches feelings for the cute blonde his Sensei introduces him to as their newest student at the Monastery. He catches it bad. The Oni have been defeated, Garmadon locked in Kryptarium Prison, but getting nicer treatment for his deed, and all of is Ninjago is restored. Cole has developed new abilities, little by little, hiding them from everyone. He doesn't know the cause, but he has a hunch, but he's too scared of freaking his family and getting the chance of being banished.

He doesn't risk it, and lives with the new abilities, trying his best to not let them slip. After the Overlord is defeated, it seems as though everything is perfect. But when a devastating event hits Zane Julien, his world collapses and becomes nothing but sadness. It seems as though he may not recover. With the help of a friend, however, life slowly seems to awaken, along with feelings Zane has never experienced before Not just a romance, includes loads of adventure!!!

But yeah, obviously gay characters. Don't like, don't read please. A AU based around Jay and Morro. Jay discovers he's inherited Morro's wind powers, not only that, but he's inherited a brother too. Now Jay accompanied by his new sibling go and find out what really happened to their parents. Without telling the others. Based after S7 so the designs for the Ninja never changed and Wu's lost in time. When Zane Julien, the prince of the Northern Kingdom, hears a strange—yet beautiful—voice calling out to him, he decides to investigate, taking two of his closest friends, Jay Gordon and Kai Smith, with him.

ninjago fanfic

During this trip, Zane uncovers more of his kingdom's history than he bargained for, and Kai has a hard time telling his boyfriend something important. Being a dad is very exhausting, especially with a little and mischievous baby like young master Wu.

Cole doesn't know what to do to get the kid to calm down for a minute and asks Zane for help. As commanded by law, each individual of Ninjago must destroy any and all Nindroids seen on sight without hesitation.

This was the way it has been for as long as Cole Brookstone had been alive. Now, a member of the Secret Ninja Force, sworn to protect Ninjago from the ongoing war surrounding them, Cole has exacted revenge. Nothing, not even the mysterious person he had found alone in the marketplace who went by the name of Zane can distract him from his vengeance on the Nindroids. It's a night time hang out the locals love and the tourists poke their noses in.

It's mostly run by a local group of kids.Anyway, to make up for my tardiness, here's a super long, super angsty chapter! Please let me know if you like what I decided to do with it! You guys are amazing! TheYellowNinja: Why do you think Cole is my favorite? Honestly, I've been having a really tough time this semester, so your incredibly nice words are really just what I needed to hear!

Star: Aw, thanks! I definitely agree that Lloyd accidentally hurting one of the other ninja would be very upsetting :'. VoltageArt: Aw, thank you so much! Cole and Zane are enormous softies :3 Great idea for Nya!

I will definitely take that into consideration! Midnight: Haha, yay! Cuteness overload achieved! Thanks for reviewing!

LEGO Ninjago Avatar Arcade Pods Lloyd Jay and Where's Kai?

Nali Nali Nalina: I think Cole is definitely a good mentor! I've been struggling, so something as simple as "It'll be okay" just means the world to me :D Thank you so much! Lloyd knew tensions were high. He knew they were all stressed. He knew he shouldn't have been bothering them when they were trying to discuss strategies and plans and worst case scenarios. None of that stopped it from stinging when the ninja snapped at him in such perfect unison to "get lost" that Lloyd suspected they had practiced.

So, in a fit of anger, he had stormed off the Destiny's Bounty. Not that anybody had noticed. Or cared. Lloyd knew it was late, even if he didn't know the exact time.This story takes place when Lloyd is a child pre-Child's Play. Because Lloyd is a kid for such a short and specific time in the show, I decided to make these one shots follow a chronology, and therefore, they are loosely connected.

ninjago fanfic lloyd pain

Kai was relaxing on the couch in the living room, listening to his BorgPod and flipping through a magazine when he felt someone tap his shoulder. He should have been suspicious when he saw Lloyd standing in front of him oh-so-innocently, but unfortunately, past Kai was not as wise as future Kai. Sighing, Kai set his magazine aside, paused his music, and left his BorgPod and headphones sitting on the armrest of the couch.

He saw her poring over the blueprints of the Destiny's Bounty in their pseudo-conference room, having a needlessly flirtatious conversation with Jay about how they could improve the ship's efficiency.

Jay seemed mildly annoyed by the interruption, and Nya cocked her head in confusion. Continue flirting. He smirked to himself when he heard Jay sputter and squeak incoherently at the suggestion while Nya tried to calm him down.

Entering the now empty living room, conspicuously lacking any mischievous brats, he called sarcastically, "Ha ha, Lloyd. You're hilarious. And screamed when his ear drums were blasted with music that was way, way too loud.

He ripped the headphones off, grabbing his aching ears and whimpering. Kai took a deep breath, deciding not to give chase. He was more mature than Lloyd. He could be the bigger person. Besides, it was just a little prank. It was all in good fun. Kai started awake when the alarm went off, waking the five boys sharing the room. He went to rub his eyes. Looking down, Kai saw that his entire bed was absolutely filled with hundreds of hugehairydisgusting spiders. He heard Jay, Cole, and Zane scramble to their feet in drowsy confusion, trying to figure out where the little girl who had screamed was.

And, thenhe heard Lloyd laughing from the hallway, a safe distance away from Kai's wrath. Feeling incredibly stupid and embarrassed, Kai grabbed one of the spiders… only to realize it was rubber. Completely fake. Lloyd had put a million fake spiders in his bed as a prank.

And, it had worked beautifully. Borderline cruel practical jokes and collaboration in petty theft are the only ways he knows how to bond with people. A little.I tried doing a thing lol. Inspired by lloydskywalkers fanfic which was inspired by my art :P.

Really enjoyed it so far! Jay ducked behind yet another rocky pillar and prayed that the pirate would finish the job. However, he felt the air escape him as the pillar exploded, sending Jay flying to the ground, the Sword of Souls slipping from his grasp. Beyond the ringing in his ears, he could hear Nadakhan and Delara cheer over their victory.

Jay lifted his head and watched as Nadakhan swung her around in joy before turning his attention back to the ninja. His eyes fixed themselves on Nya, whose once beautiful blue eyes now glowed green, meaning her body was no longer hers. Jay limped across the dirt with a scowl, trying not to look at the shiny statues that were scattered across the battlefield. He may be the only ninja left, but he was not about to quit. Not when he was still breathing. Jay grinded his teeth and raised his sword.

Nadakhan cracked both of his knuckles. The djinn fell back, gasping for air. The ground shook and Jay watched in horror as the floating land masses surrounding the temple began to crumble and fall back onto Ninjago. With a gasp, Nya regained control of her body. She looked around, shocked of the disaster that was before her. One by one, the golden statues melted away, revealing the ninja that once stood there.

They sat up with glee. His magic is failing! Cole saw Jay was standing by the hurt djinn, his eyes wide and sword by his side. Make your wish! Jay… Nya thought as she returned her gaze back to the blue ninja.

ninjago fanfic lloyd pain

This was it, this was his victory. She grabbed the front of her huge gown to prevent her from tripping as she dashed to Jay. Kneeling next to him, she pulled him to his back, so that he was laying face up on the ground. At this point, the others had joined her side, staring with wide eyes at the blue ninja as he fought his last few breaths. From afar, Nadakhan choked on his own breath, but he knew he had won.

With the pesky blue ninja dead, the ninja would have no more wishes left. Once the venom takes its course, there would be no stopping him!

But his sword…the djinn eyed the sword besides the blue ninja. Clenching his teeth, he began to crawl towards it. Even in all his pain, he managed another smile.For some reason, Garmadon kept pushing into Lloyd's train of thought and crashing it right then and there.

It didn't help that his birthday was a few days ago, and that only meant that Garmadon was going to voluntarily rue the day again. Even with the teacher speaking at full volume, Lloyd managed to zone her out entirely; his thoughts scattered about how any dad could possibly have such a low IQ as to rather try ruling all of Ninjago over being there for his son.

Garmadon didn't make any sense, and it wasn't Lloyd's job to dissect the man? Of course he would be the only one to notice. Blinking several times as if to get himself out of his haze, Lloyd scoffed.

Then, what did she just say? Lloyd shot upright in his seat and faced forward as if to not cause Was that even possible? No talking in my class!

Especially to As soon as the teacher referred to Lloyd in such a monotonic voice, his frame immediately slouched forward as he put his hand under his chin to support his head. All of his classmates except for his ninja pals-unknown to anyone else-glared at him, and Lloyd merely sighed at their pessimistic exchange.

He was expecting Zane to apologize, but since the teacher told him not to talk, it was probably best he didn't say anything, or maybe his processors were fried from that 'CLONK' the chalk made against his forehead. Garmadon may come to rue the day, but that didn't mean he wasn't already calling his wife continuously.

Koko was already on the phone with someone by the time Lloyd got home, and even while she was talking to someone, she managed to hold the phone between her shoulder and cheek and give her son a big hug and smooch on the forehead. Whoever was on the other line laughed, but courteously kept their silence after that. As she apologized for the abrupt break in their conversation, Lloyd headed on into his room. It was like their cheesy insults were on repeat in his head. He had a few choice words to tell his father, but of course, Garmadon would probably toss them out faster than he could spell his own name.

It was all this man's fault that his life was like this. If he wasn't associated with being the son of Garmadon, maybe, just maybe, he would be able to live a normal life. Well, his life wouldn't have been normal to begin with, because he would still probably be a ninja, but that's not the point. Lloyd wasn't a big crier nowadays. He didn't want to show that he was weak, and neither did he want his dad to be the only reason why he seemed so weak.The next chapter a day early?!

Yep, updates are moving to Sundays! After I finish Lost Soul, updates will then move again to Saturdays! As I stated last chapter, these one shots do go in order. This one takes place shortly after the last one, meaning we're still in between "Can of Worms" and "The Snake King" i. Lloyd doesn't know he's the Green Ninja yet.

SnowNinjaAJ: Yay! Standards met! I'm so happy to hear it brightened up your day! I actually did not rewatch season 1, so I was very worried about keeping them all in character.

ninjago fanfic lloyd pain

I am SO happy to hear you think I succeeded! Haha, yeah, I kind of realized after I wrote it that Kai lost his temper Oh well! I hope you like Nya's chapter! Thank you so much for reviewing! Guest: Aw, you are way, way too kind! Your review made my whole day! Thank you soooo much! Ninja Pony: Haha, I'm glad you thought it was cute!

I hope you like this too! The other chapters will feature Lloyd being annoying in plenty of other ways! In this one, he complains a lot XD Kai is definitely a good big brother to Lloyd! He had been contentedly playing video games with Kai while Jay and Zane played chess nearby. He was just starting to feel like maybe this could be his normal, like this could work, when Cole ran in shouting, "There's been a Serpentine sighting in Jamanakai village!

And, the peace was shattered. Jay and Zane were on their feet, the former knocking over the chess pieces in his haste. Kai tossed the controller to the floor without even bothering to pause the game, causing his character to be dealt a very grisly death by the slow but relentless snail enemies on screen. Lloyd struggled to keep up on legs that were about half as long.

The four teens started, turning as one unit to face him.

ninjago fanfic lloyd pain

They all shared a look before Cole said apologetically, "Lloyd, you know it's dangerous. We can't be worried about protecting you while we're fighting. Zane placed a hand on his shoulder.

You get to stay here and help Nya out!While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Prologue 2. Chapter 1 3. Chapter 2 4. Chapter 3 5. Chapter 4 6. Chapter 5 7. Chapter 6 8. Chapter 10 Chapter 11 Chapter 12 Chapter 13 Chapter 14 Chapter But what's really concerning is just how terrified Jay is at just trying to explain what that something is.

Is it just that the memories are too much, or is there something worse going on? When a seemingly ordinary movie night goes horribly wrong, it comes to light that Jay and Nya have been hiding something from their fellow ninja The timid voice easily woke its master from his meditation.

The old man looking up at his student with questioning yet kind eyes clearly noticed the fight that Jay seemed to be having within himself. There was something on the blue ninja's mind… and it had been there for a while now.

Why do you ask? I mean, we both know that they're going to be mad at us for keeping something like this a secret from them for so long, but… but at the same time, it was painful for us, too. Be it a question one of the others asks, a look they give you or even just the way they seem to move, you will know when the time is right to tell them.

The resounding eep from behind the screen door clearly told Wu that he had been right in guessing that his other student was hiding from him, though why, he could not fathom. Perhaps she was trying to stop Jay? Either way, he smiled to himself when he saw Nya's head peep around the corner to bid him good night as well before the two lovers disappeared altogether to return to their sleeping quarters. It was late, after all, and their story was quite an emotional one, if memory served. They would need to be well rested for when they did, finally, tell the others about what had happened.

Main Content While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Get an Invitation. Revealing The Pain entiegon Summary: When a seemingly ordinary movie night goes horribly wrong, it comes to light that Jay and Nya have been hiding something from their fellow ninja Notes: This is the sequel to Inheritance.

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