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Michael Grzesiak popularly known as Shroud is a professional gamer from Canada. He started his career playing CS:GO. He is a famous streamer having more than 7 million followers on Twitch and more than 5.

If you want to play like Shroud, you must have a setup like Shroud.

Step Into Ninja's Ultimate Stream Room!

Here, I have explained all the PC parts used by Shroud. I also have mentioned an alternative, if that part is out of stocked. So, do check these products too if the setup mentioned above is out of stock. CE Technology. But he is not using the in-built mic in the headphone. There is no doubt that Shroud has a Godlike reflex.

As of now, he is using the best RTX Ti. You can check the latest price by clicking the button below. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Contents hide. Shroud's Gear. Shroud PC. Shroud Streaming Setup. Shroud PC Setup Explained. What Headset Does Shroud Use? What Mouse Does Shroud Use?If i turn it off, my graphics looks so jagged, I can hardly see any enemy. How you guys manage to spot enemies? There are a couple of reasons.

Some pro players have Hz monitors and they want to get as close to FPS as possible for smoother gameplay. Shroud is a csgo player so he uses a hybrid of arm and wrist aiming. There are various videos on this topic on how csgo pros aim etc and this method of aiming tends to be the most consistent amongst the pro players. Either figure it out yourself through jscalc and a csgo training map or by watching a video of someone showing and explaining the aim style.

Shroud recently checked his settings and realised his DPI was on the whole time. Username or Email Address. Remember Me. Subscribe Now. Trending News. Apex Legends. BRSettings 29 1 min read. Twitter Youtube Instagram. Fun Facts:. Shroud is a full time Mixer streamer. His following on Twitch.

DPI Shroud Apex Legends Video Settings. Check Price. Logitech G Pro Wireless. Focusrite Scarlett 2i2. Herman miller Embody.

Apex Legends Twitch Streamers. Kuun i got everything on the lowest. Gboy If i turn it off, my graphics looks so jagged, I can hardly see any enemy. Anonymous Why do pro players turn their settings down when they have beast computers?

shroud PUBG Settings

BRSettings There are a couple of reasons. Spartan Hello, is Shroud wrist or arm player player? BRSettings Shroud is an arm player.

Steven He only arm move when he needs tobut usually a wrist player. Lewis Shroud is a csgo player so he uses a hybrid of arm and wrist aiming. Fred can you find an example specifically please? Chris shroud launch origin apex legends??

NokyAlrizqi Shroud use hz or hz polling rate??When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more. Shroud, a.

shroud setup

He then went on to being signed with Cloud9 and attained decent success for the years he was active. However, during he retired from the professional esports scene to become a full-time streamer on Twitch. Now onto the information you have come here for. Below we have consolidated all the information we have found online, to create an up to date list for what he uses.

This information was gathered from interviews and his stream. CE technology is no exception. Perhaps it was a gift to himself for the successful move? That being said, this headset is one of the comfiest out there, with memory foam earpads.

The whole product is focused around noise cancelling and comfort. It allows you to precisely hear where your enemies are, when in close proximity. The Logitech G Pro is one of the best mice for a gamer who wants to be play at the highest level. The mouse has been specifically designed for esports use, and it really shows. Previously, wireless mice were known to have input lag. Regardless of how minimal it was, it was there.

With latency not being an issue, there really is no reason not to use a wireless mouse in and beyond. For those who love using mouse hotkeys and macros, this Logitech mouse has four removable side buttons that you can customize. Absolutely not. Mechanical keyboards are an absolute must for serious gamers.

They are the most responsive and the most robust. The Alloy Elite range has integrated macro profiles and boasts a durable steel frame. The keys are known for their comfort, durability, and aesthetic look. One of the most important pieces of gear a streamer needs is a microphone.

Shroud is no exception. It creates very clean audio and eliminates unnecessary background noise with ease.

Pop filters help to stop unwanted sounds from breathing. Boom arms are crucial for a streamer. The arm allows you to position the microphone in the most optimal location to pick up your voice, whilst simultaneously reducing the chance of your keyboard being picked up. Another great reason to use a boom arm is that it also reduces the chance of your microphone picking up noises when you accidentally knock your PC desk.

This shield helps to tunnel vision you into your game, by blocking out distractions that you may see in your peripheral vision. Certain games might benefit from a specific color profile, so you can swap them with ease, giving yourself a competitive advantage in every game you play.

While you get some streamers who are running multiple ultra HD cameras for their webcam needs, Shroud is using what the majority of regular streamers are using. Using extra large mouse pads for shooting games is quite a common practise.

shroud setup

This is because dedicated shooting game fanatics have learned that by lowering their sensitivity significantly, it allows them incredible control and accuracy. As you can imagine, the drawback to this is that you have to move your mouse significantly further to pull of the same manoeuvre. Therefore, extra large mouse pads have become the norm. Make sure you measure your desk before you order one though, to ensure you have enough room.

Shroud uses Razer Gaming Mouse Bungee v2.Posted by Julia Cook Equipment. After a month, he became a full-fledged member, and has stuck with the organization both through their rebranding as Cloud9 and his retirement from pro-gaming and into his transition to full-time streaming.

However, while the lower resolution monitors may be cheaper, it does greatly impact gameplay. The inverse is also important, as it can have the opposite effect of shrinking the display tabs to compensate for extra pixels.

Of course, input, response and refresh rates, are also important features to consider. Individual needs will obviously differ based on the types of games that the purchaser would like to play, as a gamer who prefers card and puzzle video games will obviously have less of a need for 1 — 2 millisecond response time than a competitive fps player would.

This mouse was designed specifically for gamers and is among the most widely-used among both gaming and streaming pros, although it is often sponsored by Logitech. Aside from the Dots Per Inch DPI superiority that will impact sensitivity, one of the main advantages of using a gaming mouse over a regular mouse are the hot-key shortcut buttons that are integrated into the gaming mice.

Other considerations include the comfort in handling the mouse, such as weight preferences and differences in hand size, shape and grip. This is why many high-end mice are customizable with weights and removable parts. Gaming mice are also designed to have little to no cursor input latency and are far more durable than regular mice. This is important considering the amount of mashing that gamers generally inflict on their mice. Gamers need precise, fast and forceful movements compared to regular PC users, which necessitates mousepads.

Not doing so could result in their desks being worn down by the constant scraping, the debris this causes could also damage their mouse.

shroud setup

Furthermore, the dirt and oil on the desk would also wear down the feet off the mouse and can also occasionally interfere with the optical sensor if the surface is reflective or has a pattern with contrasting colors. However, every gamer has their own preferences.

Other considerations include the width of the mousepad. While a regular-sized mousepad might be ok for less intensive gaming such as card games or MOBAs, wider mousepads are preferable for FPS gamers, as they allow space for the wider movements required when gamers using lower DPI settings on their mouse.

While some might feel that buying a special keyboard for gaming is less important than buying a gaming mouse, most gamers will tell you that there are many advantages in having one for certain types of gaming. For instance, different mechanical keyboards will have varying actuation forces.Mousepad: HyperX Fury S. Case: Corsair D. Why shroud now use the Logitech G Pro X, when before he used 2 models of wireless headphones?

CE technology or what is the reason? How do you think? Definitely a wireless headset is a lot more convenient, so go with whatever works for you! Hope this helps!

Checked his tweet the other day, and saw it on one of his Oneplus promotional Tweet! You guys might want to read up on what gsync does.

Gsync is not related to input lag at all due to being a hardware solution whereas vsync does significantly increase input lag, becauss its a software solution to syncimg frames. Yea but it causes input lag from the monitor itself cause it has to take that 80fps signal process that and then match the refresh rate of the monitor to the fps in game so yea theres a tone of input lag from the monitor lol. I be seeing or polling rate from many different sites. Hey Jerry, I saw him live on stream going into his mouse settings and it showed he was using Hz, so I still say Hz, although some people here have said that he did change it.

What are the all keyboard settings? I believe he said that he used the standard keyboard layout PUBG comes with.

shroud setup

He regularly says he changes what fingers hit what keys depending on his situation. Btw, have you changed your Windows mouse settings to the ones shroud uses? Otherwise the in-game sensitivity setting would produce different results. Thanks for the comment! Hi Johndave, yes the information is current you can check the top screenshots as well for confirmation.

Shroud did confirm during the twitch rivals tournament that he changed his vaulting to a separate button. This was when he watched the clip of the Doc dying trying to vault through a window but jumping instead. Will confirm ASAP. Hi Daniel, actually his view distance is now set to LOW.

Players are all drawn at the same distance. Besides, even the LOW setting is really, very far. And yes, his mouse DPI is set to Another reason he uses the low or very low settings for this is because if he is shooting from extreme distances away no grass or bushes render but people do so it is a little less difficult to hit the shit with no distractions. Stereo or 7. Does he enable loudness equalisation?

Any external modifier software some sound enhancer I doubt he does this the most. Thanks for your information and keep updating. Does he change any control setting? If he does, plz tell all to me. Added it to the page. I think he uses stereo for PUBG; he explains why but i forgot.The channel Shroud was created on November 3rd, His first live moment can be seen on a video on his Twitch channel [1]. Shroud's exceptional in game skill has lead him to become the most watched variety streamer on Twitch according to Twitch Metrics.

Grzesiek was introduced to video games from his father who built PC's professionally. His father gave Shroud a love for gaming and even introduced him to Counter Strike.

Shroud has always had a love for FPS games and found it immensely satisfying to get multiple headshots. Inspired by Summit1g Shroud would eventually create his own Twitch channel in November However, Shroud focused more on his professional gaming career when CS:GO launched, a game gifted to him from a friend.

Furthermore, Shroud's dedication to streaming would help him land a spot on Complexity which would eventually get acquired by Cloud9 in July of Grzesiek's stream allowed him to show off his in game skills for scouters. The acquisition of Complexity by Cloud9 netted Shroud a main roster position in which he would play rifler support for the team.

Throughout his career Shroud was praised for his exceptional lurking, clutching and accuracy in CS:GO. Shroud now lives in Orange County, California where he streams almost everyday. Also, he is currently dating fellow Twitch streamer Bnans.

As of MayShroud has a little more than 37, subscribers and streams to an average of 36, viewers.

Shroud Warzone Settings

From Streamers Wiki. Categories : Streamers Partners. Navigation menu Personal tools Log in. Namespaces Page Discussion. Views Read View source View history. This page was last edited on 18 Novemberat He transitioned his FPS skills to the battle royale genre and quickly became a top player in just about any game he played. Though he was already a popular personality among CS:GO fans during his prime, he attained a broader audience on his way to becoming one of the top streamers on Twitch.

In the last quarter ofhe switched over to Mixer with his fans alongside him. Do you want to be as good as shroud? Well, talent and work are by far the most important things to get you to that level. A couple of years ago, wireless mouses were never the choice of gamers. Their response speed was higher than wired ones and there was always a risk of running out of battery in a key moment.

Shroud uses the Logitech G Pro Wireless, which is considered one of the best wireless gaming mouses out there. Wireless mouses have come a long way and the response time of the Logitech G Pro is on the same level as a top-tier cabled mouse. A decent mouse should go with a decent mouse pad. They allow your mouse to glide on a better surface while reducing wear down and allowing them to be more precise. He has the extra-large version, which comes in handy since he prefers a lower DPI setting to aim more precisely—a bigger mouse pad allows him to move his mouse more freely and make up for the lower DPI.

Mechanical keyboards are essential for every serious gamer out there. Their low response time allows you to react faster and lets you stay on top of your game. It features Kailh Speed Silver switches, one of the fastest types on the market. A good headset is a must. Being able to hear clearly lets you pinpoint the position of your enemies and keeps you one step ahead of them. The memory foam pads of the headset also let it sit comfortably on your ears for extended periods of time.

In highly-competitive games, a millisecond can make a huge difference. Monitors with high refresh rates basically refresh your screen more often and, in some circumstances, may allow you to react faster. The monitor enables shroud to use his insane reaction speeds without limiting him while also granting him a nice field of view with its size and resolution.

With high FPS and a high refresh rate, shroud is able to react faster than his opponents. Though you may not have a monitor to use your high refresh rates, buying a top-of-the-line graphics card can still be a future-proof choice. When it comes to assuring high performance, processors are just as important as graphics cards. Shroud does more than just gaming on his computer at the same time, though.

He streams, plays music, and has thousands of browser tabs open all while playing resource-heavy games. This article includes affiliate links, which may provide small compensation to Dot Esports. Skip to content.

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